Notable Supporters

The Following Notable Canadians Support the CCRC's Proposals to
Make Banks in Canada Better, Not Bigger:

Warren Allmand, Director, International Centre for Human Rights & Democratic Development, Québec

Kevin Arsenault, Former Jesuit Centre director, consultant/author, Prince Edward Island

Robert Bateman, Artist, British Columbia

Gregory Baum, Theologian/author/academic, Québec

Elwil Beukes, Professor, Alberta

Mary Boyd, Activist/Writer, Prince Edward Island

Michael Bradfield, Professor of economics, Nova Scotia

Ed Broadbent, Former Politician, British Columbia

David Douglas, Professor, University of Guelph Ontario

John Hiemstra Professor, King's University College, Alberta

Bill Loewen, Businessman, Manitoba

Greg MacLeod, Professor/author, Nova Scotia

Joan Mcfarland, Professor of economics, New Brunswick

Fr. Ralph McQuaid, Parish Priest, Prince Edward Island

Margie Mendell, Vice-principal, School of Community and Public Affairs (Concordia University), Québec

Brian O'Neill, OXFAM Canada, Nova Scotia

Rev. Brian Perkins-McIntosh, New Brunswick Common Front for Social Justice, New Brunswick

Rev. David Pfrimmer, Lutheran Office for Public Policy, Ontario

Greg Selinger, Professor, Manitoba

Walter Stewart, Author, Ontario

David Walsh, Businessman, Ontario

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